Where You Should Host Videos Online

Okay, so you have created an amazing video, and you are wondering where to upload it to get many viewers and likers. Of course, you made a video to get the attention of people, or why else would you bother to make one? If you have your own website, you can upload the video there, but it takes too much of your storage space and bandwidth, and if you’re thinking about Facebook, there is a time limit to the vides that can be uploaded, and so you need a video hosting site where you can plant your video, and simply copy the URL and post in on your website, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Video hosting sites

Regardless if you created your video for vanity or marketing, there are many video hosting sites that you can use to give life to your creation.



YouTube is definitely the number one video hosting site. You can create a free account and post as many videos with varying lengths. Millions of people are watching YouTube every hour, and the chance of your video going viral is high, especially when you have the right tags, and you promote your video properly through the use of social media. You can also earn revenues from your YouTube Video, when you join the YouTube Partners Program, where ads are displayed before, during, or after your video.




Vimeo offers a basic free plan where you can upload a total of 25GB per year videos, 500 MB every week. The good thing about Vimeo is, there are no ads before, during, or after your video. It is a site that promotes professionalism, has high quality video contents, and is often preferred by marketers to endorse their products. But if you want more upload space, you can choose from their monthly subscriptions packages.




Wistia is the go-to video hosting site for businesses and entrepreneurs. Though it offers a free account, you can only upload a limited to 200GB, with a cap of 200 videos with a branded video player. The paid plans comes with unbranded video player, and Wistia offers analytical capabilities that is best for marketing purposes. Though this site is expensive, popular brands can definitely afford it to endorse their products to the public, the sophistication of Wistia earned it its popularity to have high quality videos that many professional individuals and groups respects.

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